Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fodder for a Wednesday Morning

Although I have been knitting, I can't show you what I've been working on just yet. So instead, I give you a picture of a bowl of cherries, because I love them and I love that it's cherry season. I also give you a meme. This is what happens when you're working on unbloggable projects and you like talking about snacks.

After first seeing this one over at Jillian's, I was post-tagged by Sarah. So here goes!

1. What was I doing ten years ago:

I was living in San Diego, getting back into the swing of things after a defunct seven year long relationship. Trying to establish a new life, at a new job, in a new apartment. It was a rough at first, but I really found out what I was made of, it helped me grow, and it was the beginning of a whole new life and new possibilities! On the flip side, a dear friend of mine had recently passed away from HIV/AIDS. It was devastating. He was one person that always made me feel special and loved. I miss him to this day.

2. What are five (non-work) things on my to-do list for today:

- mail Father's Day cards
- call about a doctor's appointment
- call the post office to track a package that wasn't delivered yesterday
- call an old friend to catch up
- lunch with a friend!

3. Snacks I enjoy:

Pretzels, raw almonds, granny smith apple slices (sliced really thin), Veggie Booty, popcorn, edamame, pistachios, post-jack-o-lantern-carving roasted pumpkin seeds, all berries and cherries, potato chips of all shapes and sizes (sue me), homemade energy bars, arare, Fig Newmans. I could go on, but I'm making myself hungry as it is! (I like snacks, in case you couldn't tell.)

4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire:

Well, cute shoes and bags go without saying, so let's see- what else? Buy the car I've been wanting for years, buy/build our dream "green" house (B would be so pleased), quit my job to pursue running my own business (I would be so pleased), funding said business, travel(!), make sure my family is well taken care of, college scholarships for the peanuts, set up a charitable foundation to help fund relief organizations for all the things I read about and see on TV that make me cry - poverty, homelessness, lack of clean water and education, abuse, disease, and on and on, volunteer up the wazoo. (Did I already mention cute shoes and bags?)

5. Places I have lived:

A couple of little towns in Central Oahu, Westwood, the Miracle Mile, and Beachwood Canyon in LA, Mission Hills and Hillcrest in San Diego, Culver City.

6. Jobs I've had:

Various retail sales endeavors including: a surf/skate shop, a housewares shop that rhymes with 'lottery yarn,' LACMA, assistant to a private art dealer/director of an art gallery, education coordinator for a hair care distributor, legal assistant.

Well, I'm off to cross-off some items from my list today and eat breakfast, since I am now so hungry. I've been on a wheat toast with peanut butter and honey kick lately. Yum! And speaking of breakfast, I adore this blog. Happy Wednesday morning!


Sarah / Blue Garter said...

Oh, good call on the post-jack o' lantern pumpkin seeds! I love stirring them in a mixture of tamari, cayenne, and raw sugar and then toasting them. Such a good seasonal treat.

Jennifer said...

Wheat toast with peanut butter and honey sounds delicious!

dee said...

ack!!! two words...
Fig Newmans!!!

Tusa said...

Talking about snacks is absolutely fine. Unbloggable projects are intriguing.

Also wanted to drop by and let you know that I have a free Elizabeth Zimmerman book on offer. Come visit me and see.

f. pea said...

i am going to steal all your snacks when you're not looking. mwah hah hah haaaaah!