Thursday, December 11, 2008

FO: Paprikash

First off, thank you so much for all your congratulatory comments to my preggy post! People keep telling me that I've got "the glow." Well, I don't know about that, but it is nice to be "out" after having kept it a secret for so long, and your well wishes make me all the happier, so thank you!

Now onto knitty business. I told you I finished a couple of gift knits so far. Rex was one and here is the other:

Pattern: Foliage by Emilee Mooney from Knitty, Fall 2007
Yarn: Malabrigo Yarn Merino Worsted in 102 (Sealing Wax) - less than one skein
Needles: US5 and US7

Another fun, quick knit! What can I say? I lucked out on finding two great hat patterns. I can definitely see why Foliage is such a popular hat to knit. Knit from the top down, the pattern was fun to watch emerge, and working with Malabrigo...well, come on now. The word "yum" may be overused to describe this yarn, but why fight the urge? It is totally yummy!

I whipped up this sucker in two days over Thanksgiving weekend, so I can vouch for it as a perfect last-minute gift knit. Plus, you have the excuse to play with some Malabrigo for a while. It's a win-win!

I'm also almost done with two more hats- hopefully I'll have those to show next week. If I'm still alive after the marathon baking session I am subjecting myself to all day tomorrow (and quite possibly deep into the weekend), that is. I was off to a slow start on holiday stuff this year, so I'm now trying desperately to catch up. A little extra to ask of a woman who wants to sleep all.the.time., but I'm gonna give it a go! Wish me luck!


Disentangled said...

Super cute! And yes, any excuse to knit with Malabrigo is a good one in my book!

tentenknits said...

bee-u-tee-ful! i love that hat!! and i'm also all about baking now that i have a full functional oven, i made some chewy chocolate chip cookies last night and plan on making some iced pumpkin ones tomorrow! HEE!

tiennie said...

That is so very cute on you!

jillian said...

So cute! You should whip up another for yourself - or a mini one for your mini :)

Madge said...

Luck! Did you get all your cookies baked?

Love that color on ya. And you can't go wrong with a good pattern and some Malabrigo, can you? (sez I, the recently converted)

mle said...

It looks super cute on you!
And belated congratulations for your little one on the way!! I'm sooooo happy for you!

Amanda Cathleen said...

You'll have to make one for yourself! because looks so cute on you! Lovely color too.

Tami said...

The hat is adorable. I love the stitch pattern.

f. pea said...

Ooh, so cute!!

Philigry said...

love this hat! looks grat on you.