Monday, January 19, 2009

The Company of Friends

I love my friends. I know I say this every time I get together with my knitty girls, but it cannot be overstated. Each time I'm able to hang out with the girls makes me appreciate them, and their friendship, even more. The Ravelry crew (sans Bob) were in town last week for an event at Unwind, so the rest of us jumped on the opportunity to meet up. Happily, Jess, Casey, and our long-lost Mary-Heather were able to join us for a quick bite to eat before heading over to the event.

Julia, MJ, Lori, Amiee, and me

After a couple of potato balls (you'll just have to trust me on this) and scrumptious desserts at Porto's Bakery, we headed down the street to Unwind. It was my first time visiting this cute (and spacious) LYS in Burbank. At least, I think it was a pretty big space, but it was kind of hard to tell, since the place was packed! What a turn out! We met up with Maurene, Kat and her beautiful mom there, and I was so happy to see Jillian again!

This is what happens when 5 knitbloggers (3 Project 365ers) set their camera timers at the same time. Silliness!

It was just a really great evening, visiting with old friends, and meeting some new girls. I met Laura Birek, author of Picture Perfect Knits and designer of this amazing Obama sweater (Ravlink) and I especially loved chatting with Kelly and Dawn from Namaste. Now I know why I love their bags so much- those girls are awesome and such a blast!

Not so surprisingly, we didn't have time to knit, but an especially cute knitted item did make an appearance! We (Bean and I) were lucky enough to be gifted this super sweet hat from Amiee. Lookit!


Bean's very first knitted item! And it couldn't be more precious. Thank you so much, Amiee, for knitting this adorable hat- I love it to pieces and I can't wait to try it on Bean. :)

All in all, it was a completely wonderful evening. I look forward to doing it again soon, while we still have our MJ in town!


mames said...

we absolutely have to meet up again before MJ jets off to france.

i really love the time we spend together and the time i spent on the hat. all so very worth it. and more to come...these baby knits are a cinch!

jillian said...

Worth saying again, it was great seeing you too! Mnnn, missed the noshing at Porto's - I was in there about 5:15/5:30 though! Small world!

kat coyle said...

good times!

MJ said...

Fun times! Can I just say, Porto's needs to make a chicken or turkey version of their potato balls. And those desserts were YUM. That picture with a blurred Amiee is too funny! Ha ha!

Meetup! Okay, when?

Ruinwen said...

Looks like a great time! :)

f. pea said...

Aw, so sweet!

Octopus Knits said...

What fun! The little hat is so cute :)

tiennie said...

Looks very fun!

gleek said...

sounds like a great time with friends! and look at your baby bump! i don't think that i've seen it in 365s, have i?

dee said...

what fun!

and did you say balls? hehe (how old am I, 9?)

and how cute is that bump!