Friday, May 27, 2005

Baby Blanket - Pattern Section

Baby blanket WIP2
Originally uploaded by Disentangled.
I wanted to show everyone a completed section of the baby blanket I am working on. Basically this pattern will be repeated so that there are 4 sections of stockinette stitch boarders by the k2tog/yo rows. The whole blanket is framed in seed stitch.

It's coming along quicker than I thought, but we'll see how I do with the repetition. Usually, that's when I lose interest in a project. But, positive thoughts!

I did write out my pattern, though. It simply says repeat rows 19 to 50, 3 more times. And of course within those rows, you are doing all sorts of things by various row counts. I knew I wouldn't be able to keep that straight, so I wrote out what I'll be doing on each row. Overkill I'm sure, but at this point in my knitting experience, I need that help.


The Stitchin' Sheep said...

Hey, I happened to have been reading someone else's blog where she mentions taking a trip to San Diego. Another person commented on her post with a nice little link of knitting meetups in the area. Thought that may interest you. If so click here.

Nonnahs said...

So cute! It looks really soft, too! How ae you coping with the repetition so far?

Disentangled said...

Well, apparently not well, because I put down the blanket over the weekend to work on finishing my poncho. I had 12" left to go that were total hell. Now I have five thousand ends to weave in because I opted for stripes - yay!

I do have the blanket back with me today, so we'll see...