Saturday, May 28, 2005

Misfit Toys

Misfit Toys
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I wanted to share the newest editions to my collection of misfit toys. We were at Target this afternoon, when my eyes caught a display of mini "family" animals. I was like - ooohh, what are these? Because, I have found when things get small, they tend to be more "irregular."

For those who don't know, I love collecting toys that may not be as loved as they should be because of their physical imperfections. I think this is my way of making up for my love of perfection as a child. I used to search through each stuffed animal for one that was flawless. I always hated the idea of having a toy that wasn't perfect. I don't know if its my guilt or what, but now when I see a toy that isn't perfect, I think of it being left and unloved in the store and it makes me sad. So, now I'm on a mission. If I see a little toy that may fall through the cracks, I buy it.

Now I have quite a collection at work and I've even developed a bit of karma about it too. For example, Whirlypurly and I both got happy meals at McD. Her little dog was perfect, while mine had two eye lids on one eye and a magic fin. And I love him!

So, now you can imagine my joy when I saw a whole collection of my special friends! I picked these two out as being extra special. The little turtle is names "Slow Pitch" and has its own little mit and even a turtle shell under its t-shirt. The other is "Know It Owl" who I'm especially fond of given that I am known to be somewhat of a know it all on occation.

They also had monkeys in the collection - my personal favorite - but you couldn't buy just one. You had to buy the family - which I have no objection to - but it came with a stupid swing set toy. Which is just a little too much and I'm sure my boss will eventually complain if there is no longer room in my cube for files.

So, since all of you won't be able to see the newest edition to my collection on Tuesday - I thought I would share it here. Can I just say - I love them! does my dog, so I will have to keep them hidden until they reach their new home next week (the real reason my collection is at work and not at home).

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The Stitchin' Sheep said...

Have you seen the Blythe doll that they have knitting patterns for on the current issue of She was not well-loved when she came out in the 70's, I think it was, but now she has become quite popular and sells for lots of money on ebay, apparently.

Pretty imperfect doll. People thought she was creepy way back when... either creepy is now in, or standards for creepy have changed.