Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Its baby blanket makin' time.

Baby yarn
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My husband's friend is having a little boy in August - their first. I wanted to make them something, but its hard to pick an appropriate knit gift that will be summer appropriate. Some of the dresses seem a little pervy to me, plus this is a boy anyway, so that point doesn't even matter. I decided to do a blanket and quickly realized that most people must crochet baby blankets because the patterns out number knit patterns like 5 to 1. I liked the baby blanket pattern in the Stitch 'n Bitch book and liked the idea of making it with a nicer yarn to make it more of an hierloom than an acrylic nightmare. But, giving new parents a blanket for a baby that can only be handwashed will pretty much ensure that no one will ever use it. Since I'd rather my blanket get use, I opted back for acrylic. I found a cute pattern that has some design interest to it and will be fun to knit since I haven't done all that much with patterns before.

I also picked out a soft acrylic yarn that hopefully won't be too squeaky to knit with - ah, memories of my first project come flooding back - squeak, squeak, squeak. Another thing I did - which I will claim I did on purpose - is that I chose a unisex yarn so that it can easily be used for the next baby as well. It's a varigated yarn of purple, pink, green, and blue. Really, I brain farted in the store and forgot that I already knew it was going to be a boy - I even know his name, Brody. So I picked a yarn that could be for either sex. Then right as I left the store I remembered - BOY!!! I stopped, and was like "do I exchange while I'm here?" Then I remembered that a little girl had just thrown up in the yarn isle right as I was leaving, so that pretty much made my decision for me. And I made up my clever little "reason" for the multipurpose yarn on the way to the car.


Nonnahs said...

Well, isn't the "real" reason for the multi-hued yarn because you don't want to pigeon-hole any baby (boy or girl) into their stereotypical roles? ;) I mean, so what if a barfing girl sealed it as fate! (I'm picturing the always fun and exciting Michael's at this point, you can tell me if I'm wrong.) Anyway, I think it's a great yarn choice, regardless! I'm sure it will be a very cute blanket!

Disentangled said...

You are very correct! I was really planning on making Brody a pink blanket to begin with!

And can I just say - poo, poo to the mom who was carting her sick kid around the store - and yes, it was Michaels ;-) I heard her keep saying, "are you going to get sick again? I can take you to the bathroom if you want?" and then the little girl obviously had had enough of that evening's stroll through Michaels. I mean, really, what at Michaels can't wait until your child does not need to hurl every few minutes.