Thursday, May 19, 2005

Meeting Minutes

Yippy! I found our old meeting minutes from our S&B meetings. I knew I hadn't thrown them away, but I couldn't figure out which pile they were currently living in. As always, my organization was to blame. I found them in their own plastic bag along with a couple knitting related photos and scraps of yarn, destined to become scrapbook pages. This is generally how I organize for scrapbooking, so when the mood hits me, I can pick a topic I feel like working on and easily see what I have to work with and what I need to get from the store.

I have also uploaded the photos from our old meetings to my Flickr page and you can see them through the link underneith Knitting in Public. However, I will also prepare a post to highlight each of the meetings I have "minutes" for.

1 comment:

Nonnahs said...

Very cool! I knew you'd find them. :)