Sunday, May 29, 2005

Knit Kits

Knit kits from Target
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Ok - I swear I don't live at Target. This was also from our trip yesterday, but it just took me a couple moments to remember how to email myself a photo from my phone.

I was walking through the office supply section of Target yesterday in search of a plastic file box holder - I am constantly amazed at how much of a paper trail two people can make. Anyway, my husband was already in line, so it had to be quick. I made a quick mental note that it seems they have entire scrapbooking section now (cool!) and as I passed the end of that isle, the word "knit" popped into my periferal vision.

Not having time to fully investigate these kits, I did manage to snap a picture to share with you. Now, I have no illusion of the quality of these knit kits - I think the entire kit, contents and all, is made out of plastic. But, I do think that these little one-stop knit kits will probably get more people knitting.

There were a ton of projects to pick from, like a halter top, hat, scarf, dog toy, yoga bag and even a wine cozy! Ha! Then each kit included the yarn, needles and instructions you needed to make the project on the box. Pretty slick. They definitely seem not as intimidating as some of the knit kits I've seen at Michaels. Maybe it was the clear plastic bucket-like packaging?


Nonnahs said...

Wow- go Target! I'm intrigued! Especially by the wine cozy kit. How funny! We may need to investigate...

Nasus said...

I saw these (and actually thought the halter top was kinda cute) :)