Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Poncho work in progress
Originally uploaded by Disentangled.
Here is a picture of the current state of my poncho. I realized after I finished the first ball of "hairy" yarn (Patons - Carmen in Steel), that I didn't have enough. With 50 stitches on my 17s, it only got me 8 inches. The finished poncho is supposed to be 60 inches long - so, with 6 balls, I would be short. To solve this problem, I decided to add irregular stripes of my solid color to fill in the difference.

I think it will look neat, especially since the stripes will be diagonal in the end. However, my husband said he didn't know if the color of the solid grey fit - we'll see. But, it does make me a bit nervous, because he is really good with colors and textures. So, I thought I would share a picture to get some additional feedback. What do you think?

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