Monday, May 30, 2005

?th S&B Meeting this Friday!

Please help a sista get back in shape (knitting-wise, that is!)

___th S&B Meeting (sorry, I forgot the count!) this Friday, June 3rd
Location: Nasus' pad
Time: Whenever Disentangled gets off from work and Whirlypurly is available
Food: Healthy Phil's BBQ, lo-cal Bronx Pizza, or...?
Drink: Wine, spirits or good ol' fashioned H20


Disentangled said...

Fortunately, I have that day off, so we can be there whenever you are ready for us! I can't wait :-)

Disentangled said...

Mmmmm, ribs...

Nonnahs said...

Fun! We haven't had a meeting in so long! Just let us know when to show up!

Nasus said...

If you guys want to place orders (I'm guessing at Phil's?) I can pick them up after work (I'll be getting off at 4pm) So meet at 5:00ish?