Monday, May 30, 2005

Witch's Brew

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So, what's for dinner honey? Well, certainly not these pots of old t-shirts. Actually, these delectable goodies are the "dye lots" for the yarn I will be making for my recycled bathroom rug.

In an attempt to save the overstuffed San Diego landfill from another bag of garbage, I am going to turn my husband's too-old-and-gross-to-donate-t-shirts into "yarn" for a knit bathroom rug. I haven't completely decided on a pattern, but I am thinking of irregular rectangles (same width, different lengths) of green, blue and red. With my mom's help, today we turned the formerly white t-shirts, into a plethora of color.

But, photos don't lie. I was going to sneak in a few pairs of old underwear (he cleaned out the sock and underwear drawer as well as the closet) into the mix, figuring no one would be the wiser - cotton is cotton when shredded into strips right? Unfortunately, you can see the "FTL" wasteband poking out of the navy blue batch on the left. Shhhhh, don't tell! ;-)

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