Monday, June 27, 2005

A Close Call...

The good ol’ folks at Smirnoff have saved our 1st Annual S&B Retreat from being a dismal failure! Fortunately, I was in town (and not jet setting around the globe ;-) to hear their latest radio advertisement. Really, this ad should be considered a public service announcement due to the benefit so many will derive. They are informing individuals nationwide of the boring nature of knitting groups. I had no idea I was participating in lame social gatherings! I had always enjoyed myself at these get-togethers in the past, but I have now been set straight. Thankfully, Smirnoff is providing a solution to this problem, not just identifying it. They state that if people are sitting around in a circle knitting, to add Smirnoff Ice to alleviate the inherent lame nature of the event. Boy, was that a close one! We could have had ourselves a horrible time at the retreat, but now thanks to Smirnoff, we can have fun!

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The Stitchin' Sheep said...

I'm thinking a stamp collectors' club would have been a bit more appropriate for that ad, how about you?

Oh, and I sure do hope your dream is a real, live, modern-day prophecy. I've dug in my heels (really deep, it sometimes seems), and I'm actually having fun doing the organizing because of the way I've planned it out in advance. Yippee! Do you think some Smirnoff would be called for during the organizing??