Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Happy Day!

SP5 package
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I'm a firm believer in karma and whatever that other cosmic force is that balances out the crap with the good. As previously reported, yesterday was Dentist Day and I now have a nice piece of rough, ugly, somewhat tooth-shaped plastic over the place that used to be my back molar. Today my jar hurts and my tooth hurts, but its all ok because I otherwise had a really cool day!

First, earlier in the day I received a little treat (to be discussed in my next post) that I had ordered myself. I have to say that there is nothing nicer than getting a package at work in the middle of your day. I highly recommend everyone send their online orders to their office, unless of course you have a boss from hell. But, what made this delivery even more special was that I had also ordered another copy of the SnB book for a friend of mine at work. She is leaving in a couple weeks to move to Japan for at least a year on the JET program to teach English. She had always shown interest in the things my friends and I were working on and had talked about how she loved fabrics and was a very tactile person. I thought, wow - she really needs to get into knitting! - especially with the free time she would have over there. We had talked about it the other day and I had told her about the book, but I figured she had enough planning to worry about. So, I thought I would help her out. I am also going to bring her some practice yarn and needles, so she has something to play with. Then once she gets there she can indulge herself in some of that amazing Japanese yarn. She was truly delighted with the book, which made me happier than you could imagine :-) I really love passing this craft onto others!

Second, we got a car! Once I take a picture I will post it and provide some more details. But both me and B are very excited about it! Plus, we were only out a vehicle for one week. Is that some kind of record in used car sales/purchase world?

Then if the day couldn't have gotten any better, when I got home, I found a package from My Secret Pal! Can I just say: Yippy!! I had so much fun openning this up. She had really gone all out, too. She has used this cute wrapping paper then accented it with cut out felt flowers (which you can see in the picture). She sent me a nice knitting mag - with tons of patterns, I might add - a lavender candle, a bar of handmade, wonderfully smelling lavender and sage soap, two hanks of Euroflax 100% linen yarn and a handful of treats. How cool is that! I am really excited to try the linen yarn, too. I've never used it before and there seems to be quite a bit in each hank, so I should be able to make something pretty fun with it. So, thank you Secret Pal for topping off a really great Dentist Day!

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