Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Fall Out

Who says sloth is a sin? I've decided that laziness can be a virtue. For example, we've needed to buy toilet paper for more than 2 weeks. We were running low, but neither of us wanted to make the trek to CostCo to restock. It got to the point that we only had one roll left between two bathrooms! And still we didn't go over the weekend. So finally, on Monday after work, I figured there was no putting it off. So, I drove over to CostCo and picked up tp and water (another commodity that had run dangerously low). I got home and walked my purchases into the house. I put my bag down and dropped the gigantic package of 36 rolls on the floor and proceeding into our living room. A few minutes later, after taking out the dog, I turned around and looked back toward where I dropped the tp and realized that there were 2 large packages of 36 rolls of tp sitting on the floor - not only that, I had actually put my bag down on top of the other one without even noticing. I went to the closet where we keep the water, and there was another flat of water bottles, too! Apparently my husband had also had enough and made the trek to CostCo as well - which means between the two of us, we spent $30 on tp in one day! I had this brief fantasy of piling all 72 rolls into a giant pyramid in the middle of the living room floor. After all, how often does one have 72 rolls of tp to play with? So bring on nuclear winter - we are all stocked up and ready to go!

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