Thursday, June 23, 2005

So Long, Farewell...

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I wanted to take a moment to say fond farewell to a member of our family – our Jeep Wrangler. We purchased the Jeep just before we got married and it has driven like a champ for more than 8 years. But alas and alack, it is time for us to move on. After dozens of break-ins in our poorly designed parking area, we have decided we need something a little more secure – although I suppose, no vehicle is truly secure. Fortunately, it only took us one weekend to sell it and it is going to a good home. They are planning to make it a real off road vehicle and give it a face lift and some new spectacles. So, as my way of saying goodbye, I thought I would share some of the interesting things that we have been through with our Jeep.

Name: The Joop – the stickers where never replaced after a paint job, so it literally says Joop on the side of the vehicle.
Favorite accident: Hit head-on by a Mother’s Cookie truck.
Most interesting lesson in physics: When driving on the freeway in the rain with no top on, you don’t get wet.
Weirdest thing stolen from inside the Jeep: A star-pattern screw driver – not a Philips or flat head – but one with a six pointed star to unscrew the bolts on the Jeep itself – who would need this? Well, apparently not even the thief because we ended up finding it again in our mail room!
Craziest moment: When the top ripped out of the windshield frame while we were driving.


Nasus said...

Who's going to replace Joop? :(

Disentangled said...

I'm not sure yet. But right now we are borrowing my parent's '84 Maxima that's a bit of a sore subject at my house at the momment. But at least we have something while Brad looks around. So far it seems that no one really wants to sell the cars they have ads out for since we aren't getting any phone calls back. So, we'll see...