Saturday, June 04, 2005


Originally uploaded by Disentangled.
To appreciate the vastness of Pol, here is a photograph of him next to the ball of yarn Nasus is using for her Kyoto.


The Stitchin' Sheep said...

My Lord, is that a ball of yarn or a pink poodle? That's huge.

What's the content of this yarn? And, a lovely idea for it is to pass on the fibery fun to someone else to share the pound of love - that's if she can't think of anything she wants to do with it.

Disentangled said...

Yes, we were actually thinking she could make it a roving ball of yarn. I've already made a scarf out of it. We were saying we should sent it to one of our co-workers who recently moved to PA and who crochets. Then she could send it to someone else. That way we could spread the pound of love around.

Its acrylic yarn, but not the super squeaky kind - I believe if you look up Pound of Love on the Lion Brand site you will find it.

Nonnahs said...

This is one of my favorite pictures ever! Pol!

I'll have to think of something to make with it would be an honor. :)

Nasus said...

It was an extremely painful experience - giving up my POL. But with the passing of each day, it gets a little easier, and I'm definitely willing to pass him around to those who will make good use of him :)