Saturday, June 04, 2005


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So, our S&B meeting from last night has been officially renamed "Nasus's Intervention." While at the yarn shop prior to the meeting, Whirlypurly and I realized that Nasus was being held capitive by her Pound of Love (Pol). This monsterously large ball of yarn has already made at least 4 scarves and there is still plenty for a baby blanket. Nasus wanted to use all of this yarn before she went on to her next project. This in and of iteself is not the problem, for who are we to say how someone is to use their own yarn.

However, after frogging the unidentified final "project" for Pol at least 3 times, it was becoming apparent that Nasus was becoming creatively stifled by Pol.

Since we are at the yarn shop to by yarn for the Kyoto pattern sweater and we knew Nasus had this pattern already printed out and in her knitting bag, we decided that the only way we could convince her to move on was to buy the yarn for her and kidnap POL.

Fortunately, she went willingly and we did not have to resort to kidnapping. POL is now resting comfortably in my yarn stash, until Nasus has completed her Kyoto or at least identifies a project for Pol. The photo is Nasus frogging the last "project."

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Nonnahs said...

Talk about a fun...AND productive S&B meeting! Sometimes you don't know what kinds of events will unfold, until the opportunity presents itself.

Unexpected event #1: Me deciding to knit a Kyoto. I had admired that sweater for a few months, but was not at all prepared for such an undertaking yet. My first sweater (gasp)! But, with a gentle nudging from Disentanged (as she cheered, 'Do it! Do it!') and being mesmerized tby the wall of yarn at The Grove, I decided, what the heck! I will give it a go! Then, of course, we had to convice Nasus that this would be a great team project adventure...

Unexpected Event #2: The ambush of Nasus and confiscation of Pol. Ambushing and confiscations are not usually our style. We are not normally prone to strong-arming anyone But as they say, desperate times call for desperate measures. It was the only way. And in the end, I think it was all worth it. We will all be able to bond across the miles with a brand new, exciting (and somewhat daunting) team project, and truth be told, I think Pol is a little relieved to get some rest!