Thursday, June 09, 2005

A Public Thank You!

I think everyone should have a secret pal. There is something really cool about knowing that someone is thinking about you. So far, I have received two e-cards from my Secret Pal and both times, they put a smile on my face. Thank you Secret Pal!

On the other side, I'm really pleased that my person is enjoying her cards as well. I can't wait to send her my first little package. I already have her main gift planned out and the parts to it purchased - I just need to put it together. I'm really excited because I think she will really like it, too! She had left some hints on her blog about how she liked to decorate her house - so, I've incorporated her theme into her gift.

What makes this so great is that the knitting community is such a helpful and supportive group of people. I haven't been to one shop where the owners weren't more than happy to share their knowledge to newbies like me. I think that this sense of community is why this has been such a great experience. I can see why so many people have signed up this time around. Because, despite knitting being "in" right now, there still aren't a ton of us and its great to meet another fellow knitter - especially from half way across the country!

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