Saturday, June 11, 2005

Tickled Pink

Ruby Slippers
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Today I feel like a total girl. I have never - and I mean never - purchased what most girls consider a "cute" pair of shoes. I am very functional and practical and generally select comfort over fashion. The majority of my everyday shoes are from Born.

But, I recently bought a couple outfits from the sale racks at Ann Talyor - love the clothes but can't afford them normally. Both outfits incorporated a similar pink and none of my shoes matched in the least. I tried ordering a couple pairs of pink Clarks from - a great place by the way - free return shipping! But neither went. I then bought a pair from Ann directly, but those also turned out to be the wrong pink. So, I trekked to the mall - yuck - and found these. The go perfectly and I feel very feminine in them. They even have the pointy toe - something I thought my feet would never fit into.

So excuse the diversion, but I had to share!


Nonnahs said...

That's my girl!! :)

The Stitchin' Sheep said...

Like OH. MY. GAWD! You are like so totally girly!

I'm sure you look (totally) cute in them and the new outfits.

Nasus said...

I LOVE them!