Thursday, June 30, 2005

Suffering from PVD (Post-Vacation Depression)

This is the only conceivable downside of vacations. The stark contrast between vacation life and "real life" is brutally tangible...and depressing. Play vs. work, relaxation vs. stress, "get to" vs. "have to." Perhaps my PVD is heightened this time because I also have a cold and am feeling under the weather, perhaps because much of my vacation was spent working on my sister's wedding preparations (which was fun, I'm not complaining), so it wasn't until the day before I was to return home that I felt as though my vacation could finally start. But what I realized is that I always suffer from PVD, no matter how long or short of a vacation. Heck- I even suffer from a modified form of PVD on a weekly basis, the dreaded Sunday Night Blues (SNB).

But, my mom taught me to always look for the positive in any situation, so here was a nice vacation, while it lasted! My sister's wedding was wonderful, and she was a beautiful bride. My boyfriend was able to meet some of my close friends and family for the first time. The weather was great. I let myself eat what I wanted (in moderation) and also worked out while I was away, so I didn't end up as fluffy as I feared might be the case. I lucked out and was able to spend a few nights at the Halekulani Hotel, in a room which normally goes for AT LEAST $400/night for $150/night. I didn't spend much time there, but it was amazing nonetheless. I was able to get a little sun. And, I did have that wonderful beach knitting experience...and last but not least, I can look forward to my next vacation! The S&B Retreat! I can't wait!!

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Disentangled said...

I used to get the SNB on an almost clinical level when I lived in Texas. Often times I was in tears Monday morning because I didn't want to go back to work - even though I was fine once I was there. Fortunately, I don't experience it on a weekly basis any more, just when things are slow at the office - I hate being borred. Because when I sit there, all I can think about is all the stuff I could be doing if I wasn't at the office trying to find things to do.

But, I am so glad you had a great vacation and trip. Its so nice to have you back!