Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Knitting sighting - Six Feet Under

Imagine how thrilled I was to catch a knitting sighting during one of my favorite TV shows! In case you haven't watched it, SFU is a brilliant show on HBO revolving around an extremely dysfunctional family.

The knitter in this episode was Ruth, the messed up mother. One scene involved her picking up her knitting after a frustrating day of caring for her (clinically) crazy husband George. When he complained that she was knitting, she replied (something along the lines of), "It's something I enjoy. I DESERVE to knit!" And another scene showed her in a knitting circle at her LYS, where she sought solace from her stressful home life.

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Disentangled said...

I love that knitting was actually featured vs. just someone sitting to the side knitting, which is usually the case.

P.S. glad you are back :-)