Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The First Office Sit & Knit

So, here we have the first of my office Sit & Knits. I am hoping that this will keep going and there will be regular meetings each week on Tuesdays. In order to entice people to come along, I offered up lunch and a prize to see if anyone could guess which man in our office had knitted sweaters in the past. The guesses ranged to pretty much all of the men, until D finally got the prize for the right answer - someone, people usually don't think to guess. So here's the crew and that's Nasus with her back to the camera. Also, featured prominently at the center of the table for the event is Pol - Nasus' Pound of Love.

Here S shows off the baby blanket she is working on.
Our long departed member of the "crew" came back for a visit - she came across three states for the Sit & Knit and happened to wish her friend Mercedes a bon voyage to Japan at the same time. This is her first attempt at casting on - and did a smashing job, I might add! She resisted knitting before, but we had her cornered and threatened not to let her on her plane tomorrow night if she didn't pick up some sticks. Now her Elocin bag can be put to its proper use ;-)
Mercedes is winding a ball out of her pretty furry yarn she will be making into a scarf. Mercedes started knitting a couple weeks ago and she is already a pro. Hopefully, she will be able to indulge in some of that great Japanese yarn once she's there. We will miss her terrible, but we are happy that she was able to come on her last week in the States to our little shindig. You can follow her adventures in Japan on her blog.
Here is our "winner" of the day, D showing off her prize. She got a new pair of bamboo needles and some "Bling, Bling" - hopefully the perfect amount for her first scarf. D is a born again knitter and almost finished her first project - the wonky bookmark - in one sitting.

Overall, I say it was a success and everyone seemed to have a good time and I can't wait until next week to Sit & Knit again. Thank you all for such a fun day at work :-)


Nasus said...

Thank you for organizing the event! Can't wait for the next S&K!

Mercedes said...

I had a great time and am sad that I won't make it to another meeting. I hope that you guys keep up the sessions. S&K was a really good idea!