Monday, July 11, 2005

H E L P !!

Someone help, please! After painstakingly binding off purlwise for the first time (no easy feat, BTW), I just realized that I binded off the back wrong! I didn't see the part about shaping the shoulders! I just binded off straight across!

What do I do now? That (binding off purlwise) in itself nearly killed me. Can this be salvaged? Please say yes. I may kill myself if it isn't. Can someone help me fix this mess I made? I don't know how to undo this BO row, and then bind according the the pattern! AARRGHH!!! SO frustrated right now!!!!! And so very sad. I'm going to go cry myself to sleep now... :(

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Mouse said...

You can rescue this- if you can manage to pick out your bind off. Assuming you didn't weave in your tail already.. just pick up the tail of the yarn, unknot it, and slooowly 'un-knit' your bind off. Put it back up on the needles stitch by stitch and then continue with the rest of the pattern. You'll have to add more yarn of course, but this should save you.

The best advice is to do it slooowly.. otherwise you're asking for dropped stitches. Also, if you know the stitch count for the row you bound off.. you should count to make sure you have the correct number of live stitches. Hope this helps!