Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Just when I thought I was done shredding...

Rug WIP 2
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I wanted to show what my rug is looking like now that it has a stripe or two. I think if I can maintain a similar gauge for all of my "yarn" it will come out nice. This picture is actually after I frogged most of the green stripe. Apparently I decided to cut this ball of green twice as large as any of the others. I was hoping the extra bulk would just work itself out, but no. It ended up started to bulg at the edges so my sides wouldn't have stayed even. So, I took it out and re-shredded the ball down to a size that fit with the other two I had already knit, which means I wasted a lot of good "yarn".

If you look at a larger version of the picture, you will see the stitches change direction. This was my first attempt at picking up stitches from the side of anything and it worked out well. I will also have to keep all the color changes on one side so that all of the changing lines stay on the bottom.

Recent update: Finished the green stripe last night.

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Nonnahs said...

This is so cool! It's looking great so far!