Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Sleeve or Toy?

Also as an aside, an unfinished Kyoto sleeve apparently is very enticing to little doggies. After returning home from an errand expedition on Sunday, Jenny had pulled this off the coffee table and started chomping away on my row counter. I think she likes to do that now and then just to remind us not to take her for granted. She maybe 7 1/2, but she's still a puppy inside.

BTW this isn't an advertisement for PetSmart. Its just that she really likes those bandanas. They made her feel pretty, oh so pretty...


The Stitchin' Sheep said...

I'm just going to do my comments to all of your recent posts on this one.

1. JB is a cutie!
2. It's so nice to see my brother. We really need to actually use those video cameras soon.
3. The Kyoto is looking nice. Next time you try doing a flat piece in the round, you can avoid it growing a bit by just casting on fewer stitches (however many rows you usually would take up with your seam). It probably won't matter with this one, though, since it's flowy anyway.
4. The rug's looking good. You're much more of a perfectionist with it. I haven't touched mine in a while, but I'm just going with that thick/thin look. We'll call it a design detail when all's said and done.

Disentangled said...

Yeah - the sleeve growing thing I didn't think about until I had already worked about 2 inches, so I thought to heck with it. Fortunately with such a small stitch it won't grow too much :-)

And yes, we need to use those cameras. Also, if you update your OS to Tiger, we can have 3-way video chats with your mom, too.