Thursday, July 21, 2005

Stress Shrunk?

I've been happily knitting along on my Starry Night Kyoto excited that I am finally using the yarn that a pattern calls for and thinking that at last I won't have any gauge battles to worry about. Right? Wrong.

It turns out that I have been knitting so tight (even though it feels totally normal and NOT tight while knitting) that I am working at 6 sts/inch instead of the 5 sts/inch the pattern references. Well, that's just great. I guess its all that extra stress I've been under lately - apparently my body has decided to take my stress out on my knitting, so that not only am I broken out and cracking my teeth by clenching my jaw too tight, I am shrinking my sweater, too.

So, I guess I'm going to end up with a midi-top after all. I'm hoping that blocking will help with the size a bit, but I kind of feel like that's asking a lot. Fortunately, my sleeve seems an appropriate size, but I am worried about my back - especially since its supposed to be fairly generous through the sholders. But I figure I can't change anything now, because I want to keep all of the pieces proportional to each other. That way at least if blocking doesn't fix it, someone else will be able to wear it if I can't.

I will chalk this up to another learning experience. I've got quite a few of these under my belt already, so maybe one day, if the stars are in alignment, I cross my fingers, and wish upon a falling star, I will be able to make something that fits.

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