Thursday, July 21, 2005

To Frog or Not to Frog

I have had a tendency to like most of the "nicer" projects I have worked on. They've turned out the best and they are things that I actually wear (or the people I have given them to actually wear). I think it's because for each of these projects, I have really taken the time to pick out the right yarn and the right project, since they represent a significantly larger dollar investment than those that I have just thrown together. The problem is that these other projects still represent a decent sized dollar investment that are now lying piled on my dining room chair or the coffee table. I have made a truly hideous scarf, a shrug that I can't seem to get comfortable wearing because I am always worried about how it is sitting against my back and a dead muppet poncho that I'm still not sure I will ever wear.

I think I am finally coming to the conclusion that these projects may be better off in the frog pond. I think each of the bigger projects still represent about $35 to $40 in yarn that could possibly have a better life made into something else. Besides, I'm not rich and that's a lot of money to throw away. I wouldn't have a problem giving them away, except I really don't think anyone would want them. So, one day when I have enough strength, I think I will sit down and rip them apart. Actually, now that I think about it, I get a secret joy out of destruction sometimes, so it may turn out to be kinda fun.


Nasus said...

It seems like a royal pain but a great idea...hmmm...maybe I'll frog my pink scarf that I'm not too happy about. Origin of scarf: POL. You can take him from me, but I will always have him in some form!

Nonnahs said...

I say, you may as well frog. Especially when it comes to that shrug. You used a lot of yarn for that thing, and you really like that yarn, so you may as well recycle it into something you'll enjoy wearing more. Darn that stupid shrug anyway. I'm going to frog mine too. I think you should wait on the poncho though. I still have hope for that one. Which scarf is "truly hideous"?

Disentangled said...

That's my pink tubular monster. Maybe if I'm up for the public ridicule, I will post a picture. It taught me that I wasn't quite ready to improvise yet.