Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Family Friends

Family Friends
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Here's a little picture of our friends that were visiting from central California. They decided to come down our way and see Sea World and Legoland with some of their friends. We were able to meet them tonight at one of our old haunts from college - Pizza Port in Solana Beach. It was extremely busy and a little hard on the kids after a long day at Legoland. We tried to hit a coffee house we used to go to but found out that it no longer catered to an evening crowd - very disappointing. So, we did find a local Starbucks - as if there wouldn't be one to find - and had some dessert and a chance to talk a bit (it had been very loud at the restaurent). All-in-all a very fun time. The kids were too cute and it sounded like they had a great time at the theme parks, too. We can't wait to schedule a visit up to see them soon :-)

Highlight of the evening - when I accidentally ordered a second pitcher of beer - oh well...couldn't let that go to waste.

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