Thursday, August 04, 2005

Tickled Pink

Another office mate of mine has decided to give knitting a go! She came by my desk yesterday to show me the scarf she's started in a cute white and black eyelash yarn. It turns out that her mom is a knitter, so she was able to help her get started. She is going to start coming to our weekly office Sit & Knit meetings, too! That means that 4 people have now started knitting in the office!

I was telling my mom about the new knitters and it has given her the momentum to try it our herself. My grandma had told her she should learn and she had said she had crocheted when she was a kid - she said she had made a poncho for everyone she could think of and then stopped. I had given her a gift card on Mother's Day for Michaels to get her started, but she had been hesitant to go and told me she wasn't quite ready yet when I asked about it a month or so ago. So, I figured I wouldn't push her. But, when I told her that I had showed my boss how to knit, she said - well, if you can show your boss how to knit, I can learn to knit, right? And I said - of course! So, now she's all excited and was asking me about what she needed to get :-) Maybe learning to knit will help her stay awake during movies - I know it helps me and I am my mother's daughter.

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Nasus said...

Cool - another knitter! And that's wonderful news about your mom...inspiring people, one knitter at a time :) My knitting has inspired my mom to start crocheting again. I'll have to attempt that again, someday...