Saturday, August 06, 2005

Freak of the Week

Orange & Blue Yarn
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I did something today that I wasn't planning on doing - visiting the annual sale at Common Threads in Encinitas. Everything is the store was on sale, but here's the catch: You pick out what you want and then chose one of the balloons floating around the store. They pop the balloon and you get the discount mentioned in the balloon. So, you have no idea if you are going to save 10% or 50% - not cool. Unless of coarse you have unlimited funds or were going to buy yarn for a project anyway. Well, fortunately, they also had a sale room where everything was 40% off. The selection was pretty gone through since the sale started yesterday, but I made a couple good finds anyway.

First, I found this cool fluffy 81/19 wool/nylon Italian yarn in a light pumpkin (605) from Lane Borgosesia called Levante. And with the sale price each ball ended up being under $4. Second, and perhaps the best find in the store, were some hanks of navy blue 100% Cotton Flamme from Crystal Palace Yarns. This is the first time I've bought something, just to buy it but the cotton was about $2 a hank, so score! I bought enough, that I may spread it a round a little ;-)

However, the fine moment of the day was as I was leaving and realized that I was wearing a navy blue shirt and orange capris to buy my navy blue and orange yarn. Wow. Yeah, there's not really anything else I can say about that one.


Nasus said...

It was in the stars...:)

Nonnahs said...

That's awesome!