Saturday, August 06, 2005

Red State

Jenny & Bill
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I knew my dog was from a red state, but had no idea about how serious her political convictions were! She has spent the afternoon trying to shake to death this Bill doll (a common Dachshund kill maneuver).

Some background on this doll: my dad has a series of dumpers out behind his office. They are unlocked and it is quite with no view from the street, so people bring all sorts of crazy stuff to dump in the dumpers at night - which of course they're not supposed to do because all sorts of bad stuff gets dumped that isn't supposed to go to the landfill. Well, one night my dad heard someone drive up and then start making trips to the dumper with a very squeaky dolly - apparently this wasn't a stealth dumping expedition. So, after they were gone, he checked out what they had been disposing. It turned out they had dumped several boxes of political satire stuff from around the 2000 election. There were boxes of election coverage "magazines" which contained a bunch of fairly stupid jokes and photoshopped pics of your political figure of choice. There were also a variety of other misc. political related toys, such as a certificate book of presidential pardons that you could fill out. But the prize were half a dozen Bill dolls.

Since my doggie has a love affair with plush toys, one of the Bill dolls became her new pet. So far, she has gotten quite a bit of play time out of it and it hasn't ripped open yet. We'll see though, pretty soon she will get bored and get down to business. At which point, Mr. Bill will no longer have a chance of survival.


Mercedes said...

That is hysterical! I love it. I am not red, however it is still a really funny story. I bet your dog eventually rips Mr. Bill.

Blue Kanj said...

I'm pretty sure that's Nixon... not Bill. >)

Nonnahs said...

I think it looks like Reagan...