Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Mystery Solved

Apparently the Yarn Harlot has proposed a theory to solve the mystery of missing knitting. Paisley commented to my latest post on the Kyoto-Along regarding the problem I was having with my sash - a problem which was solved at lunch today with 1/2 a row, because now all of a sudden its 6 inches! So, I thought I would put a link to the Yarn Harlot's post here for those of you who aren't following the Along.

P.S. the Yarn Harlot must have reached her Escape Velocity because she was wearing that finished shawl at the book signing I went to - so pretty!


Nonnahs said...

A-ha! This explains A LOT! Thank you, Yarn Harlow! ;)

Nasus said...

This is simply insane. Who would have thought that you have to be a mathematician AND a physicist to be a proficient knitter??!!

Nonnahs said...

That must be why I have so many issues!