Tuesday, August 23, 2005

OSW Update

I finally finished the main body section of my OSW. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if I have enough recycled silk yarn to finish the whole thing. I'll know better once I finish the sleeves. But this project may need to stay home, so I don't end up lugging it around Australia for nothing. Fortunately with this type of yarn, I don't have to worry about dye lots. I'll just tell the Wool Peddler the color range I am interested in and it should work out ok.

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Nonnahs said...

Yes, with the sari yarn, I think you'll be okay ordering another skein and it should blend pretty well. :) BTW, I tried taking pictures of my bunch of sari yarn for the CCB, but the lighting was off and as a result the colors didn't show up well, so I will try again and post a pic. It's so pretty!