Monday, September 26, 2005

Give A Little

Give it up to knitters, once again. I'm learning that there are some really cool knitting charities that we can be involved in. The one Nasus spoke of in her last post and Knitters Without Borders, just to name a couple. I also just learned about this one, through my friend Julia, called Give A Little. The idea is to urge knitters to contribute to the Red Cross for Hurricane Katrina Relief. You can either donate through their website or if you have already donated, you can let them know that you have, and let them know how much. They will keep a running tally of the amount raised (so far the total is over $90,800!) and your name will be entered into weekly drawings for prizes that have also been donated by other knitters. This is what you would definitely call a classic win-win scenario! You will be helping contribute to a wonderful cause, and you could even win a nifty prize, to boot...such as the gorgeous pair of socks Julia designed and is working on as we speak! If you needed any extra incentive to give, this is it!

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