Monday, September 26, 2005


Originally uploaded by Disentangled.
I am sorry you were uprooted, dozed over and broken. I am sorry your little critters had to find a new refuge from the surrounding commercial sprawl. I am sorry that I will no longer be able to take a nap under your shade or be warm in one of your sun spots. I am sorry Jenny will no longer be able to run through your grass. I am sorry I will no longer see your branches change from green to orange to bare to buds. I am sorry that your beauty was wasted as if you no longer had any value. I will miss you.


Nonnahs said...

Sad! Many a good times (lunches, games, naps) were had in that there park. I'm glad I'm not there to see the demolition. :(

Nasus said...

That seriously sucks. Maybe you can create your personal haven in that dense patch of bamboo by the side of the building. Yeah, not the same.

Disentangled said...

The bamboo is gone too! They ripped that out a week or so ago. I mean what the heck? That bamboo wasn't bothering anyone.

Mercedes said...

That outright sucks! I really can't believe it. That area was such a nice refreshing get away from the sterile daily environment that we must succomb ourselves to in order to pay the bills. I am sad. What's the end result, a parking lot???