Saturday, September 17, 2005

Knitting Update

I realized I haven't posted much of anything about knitting in quite a while (SP6 Q excluded). I am most excited to announce that I have finished all the knitting for my Starry Night Kyoto. I was getting motivated to block the pieces and then realized that I still need to weave in my ends. I have become a bit superstitious about weaving in before everything is finished, since I have found mistakes and had to take everything out again when I have jumped the gun in the past. So, I guess that's my next task - lots and lots of weaving.

I'm also on my left sleeve for my One Skein Wonder. It's taken a long time only because I left this project at home while I was gone because I decided twisty recylced sari silk fluff stuck on everything really wasn't all that stylish and travel friendly. I'm anxious to get this finished since it is supposed to big a quick project that I have already been working on for months.

I started a Baby Kymono for Interweave Knits while on vacation. Its a garter stitch pattern, but I found yesterday a nice two inch section of purl stitches at the very bottom of the fabric. Apparently I have really been paying attention to my knitting, since I hadn't noticed it AT ALL while I had been working on it for several days. I decided not to take it out mostly because I have already ripped this whole thing out once before due to gauge issues (what? me have gauge issues? No, you say, that doesn't sound like her). I also needed to pick a right and wrong side, so I just picked my wrong side.

So that's all for now. My project for today is to put away all the new yarn I got while in Australia, just not sure where its all going to go. I also keep thinking about Ubernatural from MagKnits, so...I might need to get that started soon - only with a change to the buttons, don't like those.


Nasus said...

I want to be like you when I grow up... congrats on Starry Night!

Nonnahs said...

What is up with the weaving in of ends? I hate that part! I save mine 'til the end too. Keep us updated on the progress of all your WIPs! I can't wait to see your OSW too!