Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Only 30

I've complained about not being carded before and other age related comments, but today was the best. I was at Vons and the bagger asked if I wanted help out to my car. I said - no, I'm good. Then 2 minutes later, he asked me again. So thinking maybe there had been confusion, I said - no, thank you, I'm good. So off he goes. Then as I am signing my receipt, the checker asks if I needed help out today. I was like - umm, no, thank you. Then, OMG if the bagger didn't come back and ask me a third time as I started to walk out! What the heck! And then I started laughing - boy I must look jet lagged.


Nonnahs said...

That made me laugh! I'm sure they were just being polite. ;)

Disentangled said...

Yeah, it was probably some new corporate policy or they were expecting a mystery shopper. But, it made me laugh nonetheless.