Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Home, Sweat Home

We had a great time, but it is sure nice to be back at home. We slept so much today, its amazing how your own home will let you do that. Everything was in good order upon our return. It was the first time we tried holding our mail at the post office and it seemed to work out well - the best is they don't keep your junk mail, so the pile was probably less than a 1/4 of what it normally is when we return.

We spent the last few days in Brisbane at various parties and BBQs. Apparently Australian BBQs are a big deal. It was also nice to meet more of our friend's friends as well as other people. One thing is that everone was so friendly. All night on Saturday, we kept having people come up and introduce themselves and chat about all kinds of things. I love that! Especially, since I tend to be a bit reserved at parties and not all that outgoing, but I love it in others. You can meet some amazing and interesting people that way. I just wish it was in my nature to walk up to people and start talking to them like that.

Overall our experience was wonderful and we already know that we will be back to visit other parts of the country.

B's Cappuccino Count: 9 (including one Vietnamese coffee made with wiezel processed coffee beans - yes, in one end, out the other - So good! And I mean it - try it if you can find the coffee!)

Things we realized about Australia:
I am Austalian coin challenged - something about having $1, $2, and 50 cent coins really throws me off. I can't tell you how many times people rearranged the change I gave them to make the right amount that was needed - sheesh, its still the same concept, what's my problem?
The spiders you get in your house are too big, too fast and can disappear if you happen to look away for a second. (Yes, we found out by first hand experience with a brown Huntsman - yuck.)


Nasus said...

Great to have you back, and that you & B had a great time!

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