Sunday, September 11, 2005

Red Cross Emergency Relief Training

If you know anybody who may be interested in joining me...

RED CROSS TRAINING & CERTIFICATION OF EMERGENCY RELIEF WORKERS : On September 24 & 25, 2005, Southwestern University School of Law will sponsor a twelve hour training of emergency relief workers. Information about signing up to attend will be posted shortly. The Red Cross will provide free training and materials for up to 300 Southwestern students and others interested in becoming Nationally Certified Disaster Relief Workers. When final exams are completed in December, students will be deployed to the Gulf Coast Region to provide help and services to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. In addition to training, the Red Cross will provide transportation, lodging, and food for everyone willing to spend a minimum of 9 days working 12 hour shifts in "hardship conditions." Maximum deployment is up to 21 days.

People are needed to help with mass care (food and shelter), health care, counseling services, communications, information technology, transportation, human resources and all areas of disaster relief. Forty thousand (40,000) volunteers are needed by November 2005 and the Red Cross predicts the need to extend well into 2006.
Red Cross training is open to ALL students, faculty, staff, administrators, alumni and their friends and family. Participants must be at least 18 years old.
Student volunteers will deploy the day after final exams end in December. You decide how long you stay - from a minimum of 9 days to a maximum of 21 days.
Once you are certified by the Red Cross, you may volunteer to be deployed in Emergency Relief situations for the rest of your life.
Training has been expanded to include Family Case training in addition to Mass Care training. Volunteers will be able to help manage families' needs as a case worker and will have authority to providing emergency funds where necessary.


Disentangled said...

Please let me know when you get more specific info on this B would like to do it. Thanks!

Nasus said...

He may want to contact Red Cross directly, but if he wants to join me, there will be 6-hour sessions that weekend. I'll keep you posted once I get the details.