Thursday, October 13, 2005

5 Reasons I Love My UPS Driver...

Tire Track
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...and why my packages are only delivered to my work address now:

1. He makes fraudulent entries in the tracking system when he makes mistakes.
2. He runs away when I am actually home to pick up a package.
3. He admits to running away when I was actually home to pick up a package
4. He requires my signature, in person, everytime (can't sign the tag).
5. He (apparently) drives over my packages with his truck.


Nasus said...

wow...i hope there wasn't anything breakable in that package. and i love how he admits to running away!

Mouse said...

I watched the neighborhood Fed Ex guy "drop kick" a package up someone's driveway one day.. makes you wonder how anything arrives in one piece!

My mail carrier isn't much better.. he left an INSURED boxed package in the STREET one day instead of bringing it to my door! Aparently he just set it on the mailbox and 'hoped' that it stayed there until I retrieved it. Its contents were glass bottles of very "limited edition" perfume - I wanted to kill him!!