Thursday, October 13, 2005

Burst of Energy

After being pretty sure yesterday I wouldn't be able to touch my needed-to-be-fixed-OSW for a while, I surprised myself last night and sat down and fixed the whole thing. I took out the BO edge and re-did it with larger needles - Ahhh, much better. Although maybe I will make another extremely tight OSW to help with my posture "issues." So today is OSW day. I am wearing my new fun little accessory - along with my new Ann Taylor pants and a black t/tank thing. Now lets see how long I can go before I freeze to death in my office without anything of substance on my arms - the price of fashion ;-) I'll see if I can get B to take a picture of me in it tonight.

I also CO for my Chinese Charm Bag from SnB. I had picked out a mostly wool/acrylic blend manly because it was on sale. I think it will look really cute when done, but I really am not liking to knit with it. Between the scratchy wool and the acrylic, it makes my hands feel funny. Oh well, at least its a quick one.


Nonnahs said...

Yay! Good for you- don't you feel so much better now?

My modified CCB is so on the back burner. I was all hyped up about making that thing out of sari yarn, but after your whole OSW challenges, I am less than eager to do it now. Eventually though, because I think it will be really cute. I'm still really wanting to knit up a sweater for myself!

Disentangled said...

I still have the extended hank of black sari silk left. But it seems a lot smoother and not so tangly. I am hoping whatever that turns into will be easier to work with than the unrefined silk.

Nonnahs said...

I hope so too!

BTW, I want to knit a sweater, NOT out of sari silk. Just want to make that clear. ;)

Julia said...

Fabulous! I find that I have to fix right away or it NEVER HAPPENS. Pictures please!