Sunday, October 23, 2005

Friends, Saving Earth & Cupcakes

Just wanted to give another shout-out to my beautiful peeps who treated me to a fun time of catching up and eating Japanese food girls are the BEST (and yes, I will make a massage appointment after my move - thank you so much!)

I just heard a Toyota Prius/Highlander radio commercial this morning, paraphrased as follows:
"If you see a Prius trying to change into your lane, let that person in... If you see a Prius parked near a bakery, buy that person a cupcake. The driver is obviously saving the environment and I'm sure that person is worth a cupcake..." Ha! I, of course, thought of Nonnahs...


Nonnahs said...

HA! Thanks for thinking of me- I love it!

Nonnahs said...

PS: It was our pleasure. We love you, you "Special" Princess! :)