Sunday, October 23, 2005

Bryce Canyon

As promised, here's my finished Bryce Canyon Bulky Mini Cardigan, complete with buttons. It was really hard to find buttons that seemed to fit with this sweater. It is a fun colorful sweater and felt that the buttons really needed to go along with that theme. We were able to find some cool lime green and black buttons on our button expedition this afternoon that seemed to fit the theme nicely.

For the main color I used Lane Borgosesia Levante (605) - 81% wool, 19% Nylon and the contrast color was Lang Polar (0090) in an eggplant. Overall this sweater probably only cost me about $25 for the yarn (all purchased on sale), the pattern and the buttons (thanks L!).

This was a great (and super fast) project. I highly recommend picking up the pattern from Glampyre.


The Stitchin' Sheep said...

Yeah, my suspicion is confirmed. This is definitely NOT a project for me (no matter how cute and quick it may be). I see now how well it... ahem... accentuates things. Very cute on you though.

And, I see traces of B in the room there with you. Nice to see one of his signature flannel shirts lying around like that.

Disentangled said...

More importantly - did you notice the wine under my arm in the second picture?

Nonnahs said...

Very cute! Don't you just love quick projects?

Nasus said...

I must declare...I think that is my most favorite item that you've knitted so far!

meagan said...

awesome-est sweater ever.