Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Knitting of the heel flap has commenced! Between chatting and having to redo a row (you know how it takes me a while to get started) I only have 3 rows done so far, but I am happily on my way now, thanks to my lovely and talented sock guru, Julia!

Five Lessons Learned (or Confirmed) Last Night
1. The wonkiness continues- I started knitting my sock leg inside out. Yay!
2. Sometimes LA in the evening is chillier than you'd expect it to be in the middle of October.
3. Warm noodles are a satisfying food choice after a long day.
4. It doesn't help one bit to have unisex bathrooms at restaurants if you are tying to determine the gender of one of your fellow diners. Hypothetically speaking, of course...
5. Knitting, chatting, and eating (in any combination) with friends remains one of my all-time favorite things to do.


Nasus said...

warm noodles and knitting/chatting with friends sounds really good right now (i'm freezing my butt in class right now...)

Julia said...

I had panel all day yesterday, so I just got around to reading this today. When I got to four I audibly snorted with laughter. Those boobs were just too much! Let me know how the heel goes.