Monday, October 31, 2005


This is how Jenny spent her Halloween. Actually this was last week, but she was playing with a pumpkin toy that she got after getting her nails clipped - something she hates. She LOVES plush toys and if they are stuffed has them ripped open and disembowled in a matter of minutes. She also has this fun habit of eating the stuffing, so we have to take them away from her pretty quickly. Consequently, we don't buy her these kind of toys all that often because they are crazy expensive. So, if she's lucky there might be one on sale at the pet store when she goes to get her nails "done".

First, she has to kill it.

Then she has to play with her food by digging at it with her feet then tossing it in the air.

Once convinced that there is no life left in her prey, she gets down to business and starts to pull out the plush tufts with her front teeth.

For such a sweet dog, she is super hard core when it comes to her toys. I'd show you the condition of the pumpkin now but it is beyond recognition. Like a piece of orange swiss cheese. She had her fun and we got way more than $3 worth of entertainment out of watching her rip it to pieces.


Nasus said...

I love the play by play!

Nonnahs said...

Totally! The only thing missing was Jenny in her "hot dog" costume!