Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Wendy at Work

Wendy at Work
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You'll have to excuse the poor quality of the picture since I took it at my desk yesterday while at work. Because I didn't want to wear a full face mask all day at work or at the Halloween party Saturday night (which would have seriously impaired my ability to get food into my mouth), I opted for a two part mask combo. You will notice my beautiful flowing locks to the side (really a dog head with the ears pinned down) and my pink beret on top. Then I would just stick my mask in front of my face when I wanted to be in character - which wasn't often.

I was really excited about the idea of this costume, but was pretty must over it after the party last weekend. Oh well. Now I have one ginormous pink beret that will probably get recycled back into the balls from which it came. B on the other hand now has a very "stylish" Stan hat (he was evil Stan from a parallel universe), which although I doubt he will ever wear on his own, it came out cute so I can't bear to rip it out.


Nonnahs said...

Ha! I love it! Nezt, I want a picture of you as you, wearing the ginormous pink hat. :)

Nasus said...

Ha!! That made my day! :)