Thursday, October 06, 2005

Mental Block

I am having a really hard time staying focused on my current projects. I am so close to finishing my OSW that I am ready to cry. The problem is that I have to BO my right sleeve. Normally no big whoop, but OMG using the recycled sari silk is a royal pain in the bum. It specifically says in the pattern to BO loosely. Yeah, right. That stuff is like fibered steel. Then the idea of having to pick up stitches around the whole body of it with the tangly, snarly mess that is the current state of my yarn (as well as the current state of sari yarn as it comes out of the ball), rib for several rows and then BO again is enough for me to leave the whole mess a pile on my coffee table night after night. Plus, there is still the whole issue of whether or not I even have enough yarn to finish anyway. Therefore, I am contemplating using a different yarn for the body trim. Anything will be better than using that stupid twisty silk. I think I just need to find something in a nice complementary color that will be somewhat shiny like the rest of the OSW so it will look like a design detail and not me slacking off.


Julia said...

I think a contrasting trim is a great idea - it will look really cute. As for staying loose on the bind-off, you can always bind off on a needle a size or two larger. I did that for several years and it really does the trick if you have a stubborn yarn or just have trouble staying loose. Can't wait to see it!

Nonnahs said...

I agree- I like the idea of using a contrasting trim. You could choose a shade that would bring out one of your favorite colors in the sari yarn- it'll be cute!