Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Quick Change

I've got the entire body done for my bulky mini. However, there has been a slight plan change. After a thorough discussion with my color consultant (comprised of him pointing at his preference while talking to his mom on the phone), I have decided to use eggplant as my contrast color. When I got out my yarn for the project, the royal blue was on top of my basket, I held it next to the orange, it looked fine, done. I never got out the purple. But, in the back of my mind, it had been stiring. So, I got it out last night to double check. I joke, but my husband has an amazing eye for color - Except for the argument we had about the suitability of wearing my orange t-shirt with my orange capris while on vacation (I was running out of clean pants). He said the colors went because they were complementary oranges. I said absolutely not, I am not wearing an orange shirt and orange pants. But to be fair, that was a fashion issue, not a color issue, really.

Any hoo, in light of the color change, I have been inspired with a name for my bulky mini: Bryce Canyon. I think the combo of orange and purple reminds me of how those amazing formations look lit up at sunset. I've started on my first sleeve, so I will try to post a progress picture tonight.

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