Tuesday, November 08, 2005


I know that what I am about to talk about is certainly not unique among the knitters out there. But this is the first time that I have thoroughly experienced a manic episode. It started innocently enough when I checked my email. I'm not sure what I expected to find, but it was not what was so inapropriately labeled as "junk". How dare Hotmail decide that a sales bulletin from WEBS be junk! Especially when it was the never-before-seen Rowan clearance sale. I literally thought I was going to have a heart attack.

As fast as my fingers could click I looked at the yarn on sale. And let me tell you. These weren't just the ugly ones left. OMG. The had the tweeds! The ones that I keep petting at every LYS I visit but never buy. And not only that, they were half off! I started freaking out - I better hurry before they are all gone - If I wait they will be gone!

Then I started thinking about Eris - Oh Eris! What do I need and how many yards! OMG they have an aran weight on sale in a nice color! Oh, what about the loopy frilled jacket - Oh, they have a pretty creamy one that would look amazing in that pattern. And that cool cabled scarf from Hello Knits that you are planning on learning cables on - the tweed! Click, click, click - they are all in my shopping cart. Click, click, click - there's my shipping address. Do I have to tell B? Do you think he would notice a couple dozen new balls of yarn in the house? Maybe if I bring them home a little at a time...He just got a new cue. Surely this is only fair?

Done. I can't take it back. The order has been placed. I even have the confirmation email all ready. I don't feel bad. I feel giddy. I can't wait to touch it all. I wonder how soon it will get here? I can't keep this to myself. I have to tell someone about this. It isn't fair to keep this a secret. Besides I will feel better if someone else does what I just did. It means I'm not the only one. And what is this about anyway? Yarn? That's rediculous. It's yarn. Two years ago, I would have laughed out loud. Now, I understand. It's yarn. Of course you need 25 balls of yarn. Who doesn't?


Mouse said...

You are SO not alone in hating the "spam filters" on email. I had the same thing happen with mine, so I had to shut them off in fear of missing something yarn related.

The yarn in your scarf picture is gorgeous! I keep trying to do Clapotis from Knitty and throwing it across the room.. Clearly I am not ment to do lace knitting.

The Stitchin' Sheep said...

Funny, I swear that before even seeing what mouse had to say in her comment, I was going to use those exact words about the other thing you talked about (not the spam filter). I'll just say it, even if it's unoriginal...

You are SO not alone in your thirst for more and more and more and more yarn (could have really thrown in quite a few more "mores", you know.).