Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Truely Loopy

Madison Scarf WIP
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In checking out the new Knit Picks catalog (I have a really hard time with their website - but love the catelog) I found a cool scarf pattern called the Madison Scarf that is supposed to be good for people learning lace. I've made some holes in the past (both intentional and accidental), but never anything that was considered lace. So, I thought what the heck.

I also really liked this colorway of their Andean Silk Twist. It's called Poppy Field and has two shades of green, a cream and orange. I'm sure the lace would show up better in a solid color, but I liked this yarn, so that's what I got. The yarn is so soft and I love how the four colors melt together but still have a life of their own.

Last night I played around with the gauge and then officially cast on for the scarf. The problem was that I was thoroughly settled in on the couch (complete with pooper on lap) when I realized I had no idea what a sk2p was. I really didn't want to get up and check and it wasn't in the SnB book which was within reach. So I thought I could figure it out on my own. Surely the letters have to stand for the same things all the time right? Right. I knew what a skp was, so I figured a sk2p must be when you knit 2 stitches before you go back and pass over the the slipped stitch. But I kept getting two more stitches when I finished the row. So then, forgetting that I had made up the definition of sk2p, I decided that the pattern must be wrong. That the pairs of yos must be off.

This led me to try various versions of the pattern stitches while eliminating different yos before I realized that the pattern was just fine and that really what I needed to do was get up off the couch and watch one of those shnazy little videos that answer all the knitting questions you ever had. So I did, although Jenny wasn't all that happy about losing her lap. Humbled, I returned to the couch, ripped out the lace work and started over. At least now it looks like the picture on the pattern.

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